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We provide good data

for your procurement digitization

Machine Learning will change the world in the next years. This is a fact!

Large multinational corporations rely on traditional ERPs for all their critical processes where most of the relevant data is unstructured, Multilanguage and categorized in different structures. This is another fact.

Creactives has 10+ years of experience on providing value at the intersection of these two worlds, which we believe is strategic for procurement and logistic processes improvements.

Crucial and large corporate initiatives succeed or fail based on data quality, like:

  • Business Intelligence
  • Spend Data Analysis for strategic procurement and sourcing optimization
  • Purchased Material Master Data and stock Management

The problem we solve it’s not (only) about old ETL-like, syntactical error-fixing, it’s about:

  • Integrating and repurposing existing heterogeneous, imperfect information systems
  • Cleansing history, learning the evolving meaning
  • Safeguarding the creation of new information

…on a continuous automatic basis, cost-effectively, with:

  • dedicated Web Apps that can be easily integrated in the current ERPs/BI architecture of any Company
  • a Source to Procure Suite composed by modules that support vertical business processes and really focus on finding new “unexpected” info within Customer’s data. The S2P Suite can be implemented as a whole or each module separately.

Categorization Enrichment

With Creactives, we establish a global vision that gives you an eagle’s perspective on your data helping you to stop your company squandering resources.

Are you struggling in implementing a new corporate commodity hierarchy?

Are you looking for the best categorization structure for your data?

Are you interested to see your data categorized accordingly with an international standard like UNSPSC or eCl@ss?

Whatever taxonomy are you looking for, Creactives can support you in enriching your data with the new desired categorization: Creactives automatically enriches historical data and implement a continuous real time enrichment process for new data, improving all the purchasing processes.

Attribute Enrichment

It’s important to have the ability to access material data that provides insight to exactly what materials you are seeking. This includes individual terms that identifies all the technical attributes and the values of a specific material. Classifying materials within a specific category isn’t enough as there are overlapping materials that have different characteristics.

Standards that are entered are, for instance, automatically translated in other standards, where applicable (DIN ISO UNI…)

Measures (lengths, diameters, voltages, currents,…), materials, are captured and normalized in the right unit of measure and language.

Measure prefixes can be standardized accordingly to specific category defaults (i.e. kilowatt, watt, megawatt will be opportunely converted in kW)

Imperial measures Vs metric measures can be converted where required (e.g. 1”=2,54cm)

For commercial components categories that don’t follow an international norm, our technology can recognize and normalize brands (manufacturer) and manufacturer codes that summarize all the technical characteristics.

Finally, items can be compared if they are categorized in the same granular category and their attributes have the same values. Price comparison, duplicate detection, stock reduction are processes enabled by Creactives’ data enrichment.