The Procurement Data Nightmare. What are you REALLY prepared to do about it?

How large corporations address the challenge and how you can too

Everyone agrees that data quality is imperative for any digitization effort and across multiple savings initiatives.
The reason for all the chit-chat on the topic is that it’s extremely hard to solve, especially for multinational companies. Some of them have solved the problem thanks to a combination of organizational focus and the use of AI to finally fix the data problem and support increasingly impactful analytics with bottom line results.

Mar 25, 2021, 4 PM - 5 PM CET

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In 60 minutes you will learn:

Pierre Mitchell
Pierre Mitchell

Chief Research Officer and Managing Director at Spend Matters

Will talk us through the various data nightmares that CPOs are facing and the all-too-common reasons behind these challenges:

  • Bad categorization
  • Duplicate proliferation
  • Language barriers
  • Disconnected systems
  • And poor organizational visibility and commitment

Pierre also has good news to deliver: There are ways to fix this!!!

Vanessa Pepperell
Vanessa Pepperell

COO & Global Strategy Director, Aquanima – Grupo Santander

Will share the unique combination of her former and current experience on:

  • Centralize Global Procurement and increase its value delivery to the business
  • Remediate and harmonize procurement data to support evolving processes and analytics

Adriano Garibotto
Adriano Garibotto

Chief Sales & Marketing Officer at Creactives

Will summarize some key takeaways from the session and leave some time for Q&As.

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Artificial Intelligence Solutions

Mis categorization  in ERP systems and/or Procurement platforms is certainly one of the most critical factors for the success of any digitization process.The issue of data cleansing, categorization and enrichment, especially in complex and multilingual environments, is a key factor in making the best use of ERPs and S2P Platforms adopted by companies and ensure that large investments can lead to a consistent ROI.
Creactives has developed Artificial Intelligence solutions to provide real-time Procurement insights, optimize processes and make business data usable by overcoming geographical, language and ERP system barriers. With our AI-applied virtual assistants we have introduced a simple but unique concept: Data Quality at source. Using our Virtual Assistants -Matcher and Prompt-, companies ensure they have correct and accurate data right from the start thanks to our non-invasive solution which integrates with existing systems. Find out how we support and guarantee the highest levels of data accuracy in Procurement processes by joining our live seminar with our customer

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